Virtual serial port

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I actually wondered when I heard Virtual COM port term, a question raised in my mind – what is the need of a Virtual COM Port and searched for the answer which I would like to share in simple terms.

Virtual in computer terminology means not physically existing as such but made by software to appear to do so.

Most modern desktop computers and laptops do not have the DB9 RS-232 serial ports that were traditionally used to connect directly to the hardware used in commercial, laboratory or industrial safety and control systems. In many cases, even if they do exist, the number of available ports is very limited. This can be problematic for the software written to communicate through non-existent or limited serial ports. Here comes the solution for all these problems a Virtual COM port.

A Virtual COM port or a virtual serial port is an ideal solution when there is lack of availability of a physical serial connection. We can reconfigure the computer to send serial port data over a LAN/TCP/UDP/COM port as if it is over a true serial port.

Prerequisites – Windows

Procedure – Windows

Now I will be going to explain you about how I checked serial communication using VSPD and Docklight.

  • Click on configure virtual serial port driver.
  • The following screen appears.

  • Click on Add pair button which is COM1 and COM2.

  • Click on docklight, you can see in Project Settings virtual ports COM1 and COM2.

  • Open 2 virtual comports separately and then start communicating with each other.


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