How to install Windows XP/7 using a pen drive : Make a boot-able pen drive

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There are many times when my friends asked help regarding How to install Windows XP using a pen drive or How to install Windows 7 using a pen drive. Making a bootable pen drive for Windows XP / Windows 7 is not a difficult task. I’ll show here How to make boot-able pen drive using win2flash.

Before you start just consider your situation, what you have and what will you require:

Case :I You have

  1. CD/DVD ROM working (on other system)
  2. a pen drive (1 GB for Windows XP & 4 GB for Windows 7)
  3. Windows XP /Windows 7 installation CD/DVD

Then you don’t require anything else , just download win2flash and install it.

Case :II You have

  1. a pen drive (1 GB for Windows XP & 4 GB for Windows 7)
  2. Windows XP / Windows 7 installation CD/DVD
  3. Windows XP/ Windows 7 ISO image

But you don’t have any working CD/DVD ROM .. Don’t worry.. 🙂 Every problem has a solution .. 😉 You just need to install ISO image reader like MagicISO.

Now for both Case:I & Case:II, follow these steps:

  1. Install win2flash.
  2. Install magicISO(For Case:II only)
  3. Insert your pen-drive in USB port
  4. Start win2flash , you will see setup like this:5. Click on Green icon.  You will see next message screen like this. (Please don’t be angry for step by step screen-shots, some users need this… 🙂 )6. Click ‘Next’ and next screen will be like this:Here you give the path of your pen-drive and CD/DVD disk. For Case-II , you have to mount your ISO image first. Steps are in the end of this tutorial. When you’ll mount your ISO image you’ll have to give your virtual CD/DVD-ROM’s drive letter.7. After giving the correct drive letter, click ‘Next’.You will see next message screen like this:8. Accept the license and click continue. Next screen will be:9. Click continue, but make sure you have already took backup of your pen-drive’s dataas it’s going to format.  It will start the process to make you pen-drive boot-able.This process may take time from 20 minutes to 40 minutes,  so please have patience .. :)10. After completion of this process you will get a screen like this:

    11. If you are seeing this, congrats…!!! 🙂 You have a boot-able pen-drive with  Windows XP/ Windows -7 setup. Safely remove the pen drive and restart your system.

    12. After restart go to bios setup and boot your system from usb pen-drive.( See in your bios settings > boot options)

    13. When it boots from pen drive , you will get a boot menu having options for

    text mode (1st time) , GUI mode (2nd Time) and debug mode.

    When you boot from your pen drive first time you have to choose 1st option, it will start Windows installation process as you could see using your CD/DVD ROM.

    When your system restart, then you get same menu again. Now choose second option (GUI). It will continue the installation process.

    Once you see the Windows desktop first time , then you can remove the pen-drive.

    Please do not remove your pen-drive until you see your Windows desktop.

    If you get any error, please try to follow this tutorial step by step. 🙂

    Steps for mount ISO image using MagicISO:

    Assuming you have installed magiciso from given link:

    1. Right click on magiciso icon on taskbar tray on your windows system. Click on uppermost option, you will see a drive letter showing No Media, expand it and choose Mount. Then give path of your ISO image in upcoming message screen. That’s all.

    2. After mounting, see if you could see a screen something like this:

    It can vary with system to system, but you should see a virtual CD/DVD drive showing your ISO.

    The process  How to install Windows XP using a pen drive or How to install Windows 7 using a pen drive  is not difficult but it takes time to understand it. So don’t be panic, just follow all the steps carefully and you will learn How to make boot-able pen-drive for Windows XP and Windows 7. 🙂

    Update (Windows Vista / Windows 7 Users) : If you are having any difficulty following steps given here , please check following link:

    Install Windows 7 or Windows Vista using a USB flash drive

    Please leave a comment if you find it useful and share and like it as much as you can.. 😉

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