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How to speed up Windows 7 or give me some tips to Boost Windows 7 performance : When you do a fresh install of Windows 7 your system works faster. With time your system’s performance degrades. Most of the times reasons are same like :

  • Unnecessary services are running
  • Search indexing
  • Unwanted Startup applications
  • No disk defragment from a long time
  • More than one spyware or anti-virus programmes etc.

In this post I am going to share some tips to boost your Windows 7 performance. Please follow these steps to speed up Windows 7:

  1. Disable startup itemsMany software adds themselves in startup functionality like yahoo, Google updater and many more etc. You always have an option to start them manually so you can disable their run at system start. Type “msconfig” in run and enter, you will get user interface like this.Click on “startup” tab and disable applications that you fill unwanted.
  1. Disable/Stop Unnecessary Services No every user needs all the services running in his machine. You can disable them to increase your system’s performance. Need of “required services” varies user to user. Pleas google according to your need. To stop services you can either follow instruction given in step-1(in that User interface you can see services Tab) or you can type “services.msc” in run window and Enter. This will give an user-interface like this.


  1. Remove unwanted softwareMost of the users (including me :)), install a lot of softwares to try them and then forget about them (not me .. ;)). Anyway many software increase your system startup time or consume your system’s memory. So if you don’t have any plan to use a software, it’s better you get rid of it. It also helps to boost your system’s performance.
  2. Clean your system’s registryAfter removing or uninstalling some programmes, your system might have some registries left in your system. You should remove them. You can do it manually by typing “regedit” in run and enter. Search for removed programs registry and delete it. (This is for advanced user only, those are new please use some good registry cleaner tools. And don’t play with registries unnecessarily… ;))
  3. Use Anti-spyware or Anti-Virus programmes Many spyware and viruses eat your memory. They cause a lot of trouble. It’s better to have a good anti-spyware/malware/virus program to keep your system safe. But note that a. Always use a light weight program (like Microsoft Security Essential or Avast etc.. )b.Dont install more than 1 anti-virus/spyware program
  4. Clean up your DiskYou should clean your disk(specially on that Windows is installed) time to time. If your disk is almost full, it can also degrade your system’s performance. Type “Disk” and you will see Disk cleanup option and choose your Windows drive.
  5. Use Disk defragment (Not for Windows installed on SSD)This is a utility to increase access speed by rearranging files stored on a disk to occupy contiguous storage locations. Type “Disk” and you will see Disk defragment option.
  6. Disable or Tune Search IndexingYou can disable Windows Search indexing or tune it (depends on you). It has overall impact on system performance. To completely disable it, type “services.msc” and enter. Locate “Windows Search” in the list. Right click > Properties > Disable.
  7. Increase your Memory (RAM)Check if you have enough memory for your installed programmes. If they are consuming almost all of your memory, increase your RAM size.

By applying above tips you can speed up Windows 7 or Boost Windows 7 performance. These tips can be applied on Windows XP and Windows Vista as-well. As I get time I’ll up-date a separate post for them.

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