How to Move Blog to Blog or Self-Hosted Domain


How to move blog to blog or self-hosted blog- Well this was my very first concern when I decided to host Techawarey on its own domain. Initially I thought it will be very difficult but eventually find out that it’s not. Now after moving my blog to my current domain I thought I should share the same information with follow bloggers.

The checklist before we start:

  1. You have purchased a domain
  2. You have installed the WordPress

If you have not yet purchased a domain and hosting plan, please first do it. You can purchase the hosting plan from GoDaddy or Bluehost or any other.

Tip:  Compare the hosting plans and pricing before buying, many companies provide free domain with hosting plans.

Once you have purchased the hosting plan with your custom domain please install WordPress on your server.

All done? Ok, now follow the steps given below to properly move your blog to your hosted server.

Step 1: Export Data from your old blog

Sign into your account and go to Dashboard.

Click on “Export” option under Tools Menu.

You will See the below page where you will be asked to choose between Free or Guided Transfer, Choose “Free” option

Select “All Content” and press the “Download Export File” button. An XML file be downloaded in your computer.

Check the size of downloaded file. If it is more than 2 MB you have to split your file using a WXR file Splitter.

Step 2: Import content to self-hosted WordPress Site

Sign into your self-hosted account and go to Dashboard. Now go to “Tools” and click on “Import” option.

Now click on WordPress and install WordPress Importer Plugin. After Installation activate the Importer Plugin and Run it.

You will see the below Importer Screen where you have to upload the exported XML file that you have downloaded in Step 1. Note that if your file is greater than 2MB you have to split it and then import all files one by one. Upload the file.


Now you will see below screen. Check “Import Attachments”.  If you don’t check this box your images won’t be imported. You also have option to assigning your old content to a current user or new user. Then click Submit.

Note if Importer gives any error, run it again. It will copy all the data and won’t generate any duplicate file.

That’s it. You have successfully imported your blog.

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