FTP Server in Linux/Ubuntu : Install vsftpd in Linux/Ubuntu

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If you want to configure a FTP server in your machine , then ‘vsftpd‘ is a good choice for Linux-based distro like Ubuntu, Fedora, Linux Mint etc.  To know How to install FTP Server / vsftpd in Linux , please continue to reading this tutorial. 😉


Please Note that you have to fulfill following requirements in order to “Install and Test FTP server in Linux”.

Now follow these steps:

Step 1: Open a terminal window in Linux and type following command

It will install ‘vsftpd‘ FTP server in your machine. Once it’s done, we’ll have to change its configuration file in order to use it.

Step 2: In terminal window, give the following command:

It will open ‘vsftpd.conf’ in editor, Now locate for following and replace them respectively:

Step 3:
Restart ‘vsftpd‘ by executing following command in terminal:Make sure there is no “#” before them. See in given snap-shots for your reference.

Step 4: Your ‘ftp’ folder is located at ‘/srv’. Now put some directory and file in it to test.

Step 5: Now download and install ‘FileZila’ FTP client from here. I downloaded  Windows version for this tutorial.

Step 6: Connect Both FTP server and client machines in same network. In my case ip-address of my Server machine is and Client machine is Both are connected through LAN Router.

Step 7: Now start ‘Filezila’, you will see a GUI like this:

Step 8: Enter FTP server’s IP and Port 21 in the options.(see in snap shot). You will see results like this:

Step 9: Click on ‘testftp’ and then Right click on test.conf file, choose view/edit, it will open this file for editing, you should see text like ‘Techawarey’ in this(We wrote this in test.conf file remember?? ;)).

Yes, Congratulations.!!! Your FTP server is working fine. 🙂 🙂

Step 10: To access your FTP server from Internet, You have to use Port Forwarding/Virtual Server functionality of your router(by whatever name this is present in your Router’s Configuration. Please see your Router’s documentation for more detail).

By following above steps, you can install FTP server/ vsftpd in Linux.

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    1. It is one of my initial post.. I was not getting correct settings to put commands in a table.. so i took snap shots and used them here.
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