How to install Microsoft fonts in Ubuntu/Linuxmint

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A fresh installed Ubuntu/Linuxmint system does not have Microsoft fonts installed. If you need Microsoft fonts for your documentation you have to install them. Follow given steps to install Microsoft core fonts in Ubuntu and Linuxmint.

Below method has been tested with Ubuntu 12.04, Ubuntu 14.04 and Linuxmint 17 and Linuxmint 17.01. I hope this will work with other Linux distributions also.

Step: 1 Open a terminal and type following command and enter.

$ sudo apt-get install msttcorefonts


After enter it will ask for your pass-word.

Step: 2 Enter your account password. Please note that when you type your password it won’t be visible to you, so don’t get confuse. Just enter your password care-fully. It will start downloading the fonts. Enter ‘y’ when prompted.


Step: 3 You will get mscorefonts-installer on your screen. UseTabto select the ok option.


Step: 4 Accept the ‘yes’ using ‘Tab’ .


You will see output something like below attached screen-shot. That’s all.


Now you can use Microsoft core fonts in your applications.

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