Install STM32Cube IDE in Ubuntu/Linux Mint : Step by Step Guide

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Installing popular latest STM32Cube IDE in Ubuntu/Linux Mint is very easy. Please follow the steps to install STM32Cube IDE in Ubuntu/Linux Mint.

I have performed these steps to install STM32Cube IDE version 1.3 on Ubuntu 18.04(LTS).

Step 1. Download the STM32Cube installer package from STM32Cube IDE Download. 

 Step 2. Go to Download directory and extract the installer package.

Open the terminal and run the command:


If you encounter the error regarding “unzip” command not found, then install it by using below command.

$ sudo apt install unzip

 Step 3. Install the STM32Cube IDE

Run command to install STM32Cube IDE using below command.

$ sudo sh ./

Step 4. Accept ST & SEEGAR licenses   

Step 5. Launch STM32Cube IDE

Go to application and search “stm” you will see the installed IDE there. Launch it.

Configure your work-space directory and you are ready to use STM32Cube IDE.

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